Please fully and clearly fill in the following application form and submit it to us so that your request made in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law (“KVK Law in Turkey”) can be met.


We will reply to your request as soon as possible depending on the nature of your request and within thirty days at the latest. We will contact you with the aim of clarifying your request if the information and documents you submit to us are incomplete or incomprehensible.


The company reserves the right to demand additional documents and information to determine identity and authority with the aim of avoiding legal risks resulting from illegal and unfair data sharing and especially ensuring the safety of your personal data. If the information regarding your requests in the form is not correct and up to date or the application is not authorized, the Company does not accept any responsibility in connection with the incorrect information or unauthorized application. The whole responsibility resulting from applications that are illegitimate or illegal, misleading or faulty shall belong to you. In the event that our reply to your application exceeds 10 pages, you will be charged 1 Turkish Liras of transaction fee for each page after the tenth page under the Communique on Procedures and Principles Regarding Application to Data Controller.


In this context, this form will be printed and “written” applications to the Company will be submitted to us;


  • By personal application,
  • Through notary,
  • By sending to the registered e-mail address of the Company ( after being signed by the applicant with “secure electronic signature” defined in Electronic Signature Law No 5070.


Information is given below regarding ways of written application, stating how written applications can be conveyed to us.


Application Method 

Application Address

Information to be Given in the Application

Personal application

(The Applicant comes to the company headquarters and applies with a document showing the identity.

MahmutbeyMah. HaciBostan Cad. No.9 K.3 No.318 Bagcilar, Istanbul

“Information Request under the Privacy Act” must be written on the envelope.

Notification through notary

MahmutbeyMah. HaciBostan Cad. No.9 K.3 No.318 Bagcilar, Istanbul

“Information Request under the Privacy Act” must be written on the notification envelope.

Application through registered e-mail signing with secure electronic signature.

“Information Request under the Privacy Act” must be written in the subject field of the e-mail.


  1. Identity and Communication Details of the Individual Data Owner


Name - Last Name.


TR Identity No.




Telephone Number:





  1. Affiliation with our Company


Please state your affiliation with our company. (Customer, business partner, prospective employee, former employee, third party company employee, shareholder etc.)

☐ Customer

☐ Visitor

☐ I am a former employee

The years I worked:

☐ I made a job application / submitted CV


☐ Business partner

☐ I am a third party company employee

Please state the company and position details:

☐ Other:


The company department you are in communication with:



  1. Explanation about the Request


Please state your request under the Personal Data Protection Law and your personal data related to the request in detail.






  1. Additional Documents Related to the Subject


Please state if there is any document on which you want to base your request and please submit the relevant documents together with the application.




  1. Please select the notification method for our reply to your application.


  • I want it sent to my address.


  • I want it sent to my e-mail address. (We can send you a faster reply if you choose the e-mail method.)


  • I want to receive it by hand. (Notarized power of attorney or certificate of authority is needed if it is received through proxy.)


Applicant (personal data owner) *


Name - Last Name     :

Application Date        :

Signature        :



* If you are applying on behalf of someone else, please send the documents showing that you are entitled to apply (document showing you are the guardian/custodian of the personal data owner, power of attorney etc.) as attachment of the application. These documents must be issued or approved by competent authorities in order to be considered valid.