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At the heart of this collaboration were Daniel Arsham's awe-inspiring sculptures, masterpieces that blur the lines between past and future. These sculptures found a temporary home within the walls of our flagship store, becoming an integral part of the Les Benjamins universe.

The event marked a celebration of artistic expression and craftsmanship, where guests were invited to step into a realm that combined the tangible with the abstract. The sculptures, meticulously curated within our store, transformed the space into an ethereal gallery, inviting visitors to explore the interplay between texture, form, and emotion.

The synergy between Daniel Arsham's sculptures and the Les Benjamins brand was undeniable. Both share a passion for pushing the boundaries of their respective fields, reinventing traditional norms, and engaging audiences on a profound level. The collaboration became a canvas for conversations about creativity, the passage of time, and the fluidity of artistic mediums.