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At Les Benjamins, our commitment to celebrating cultural diversity, sharing stories, and bridging communities took on a profoundly meaningful form through our collaboration with DiasporaTurk. "Diaspora Drop" is a collaboration that transcends fashion, embodying the essence of migration, heritage, and the human experience.

Partnering with DiasporaTurk, a dynamic community known for its impactful publications, exhibitions, talks, and events centered around migration and immigration stories, was a perfect alignment of values. Together, we embarked on a journey to amplify voices, honor legacies, and weave history into contemporary fashion.

The heart of the "Diaspora Drop" collaboration lies in the archives of refugees, an evocative portrayal of lives and journeys that resonate deeply with our FW22 theme. These archival treasures provided the foundation for a collection that stands as a tribute to the stories of those who have journeyed across borders and the resilience that defines their path.