Sepetinizde ürün bulunmamaktadır.

"The Silk Road was historically critical for culture and trade, not only the trade of goods but ideas as well."

– Bünyamin Aydın

Silk Road Delivery

Serving as the main source of inspiration for the season, the silk road is represented in both abstract and tangible sensesand repurposed into a distinctly contemporary vision. In this context, the collection's theme evolves around deconstructed hybrids of sportswear and traditional tailoring archetypes in order to create new proportion and function. Sticking to natural tonal colorways, the collection features sandy and golden hues informed by the desert and sea trade routes of the silk road that are paired with tangerine, terra cotta, henna red, and oceanic shades of blue and purple.

The richness of street-culture with traditional heritage and has there with created a multi-ethnic collection that is thoroughly rooted in contemporary fits.